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These days you’ll find it very common to sit in your family room, watching TV while you have your computer or tablet open on your lap and are talking on your smart phone.  Screens, screens, screens.
But maybe this is only the start.  I challenge you to look forward (or sideways) (or inward) (or cross-eyed) to imagine multiplying (or layering) (or smashing) (or climbing inside) those screens to see how they affect your life.

Heart’s Desire

In the movie, “Patton,” George C. Scott speaks these words about war, “God help me; I love it so.”

I am not a war promoter, but I love this passion.  It’s passion for something that  bursts from his heart and describes his yearning.  He doesn’t care what other people want or care about.  THIS is what he loves.

What do you love?

The Window

I stand in front of the window.  It has been painted so many times that I can’t get it open.  But tonight I try.  I wrestle it, pound on the edges, yank at the bottom, push at the top.  This window has never been opened to my knowledge.

The Moon

The moon ate my oatmeal and then spit it out.   I watched from the window, grasping the nearest kitchen utensil.  My eyes burned.