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A Night on the Town

Russleman Greefolder

Old gum underneath the café table

Underwear label

Relentless smog

Dog and a beer



Connections and Creativity

I find that part of the joy of revising is that you find connections emerging that you didn’t expect to find.

The house that John and Martha buy turns out to have been previously owned by a couple named Myrna and Zeke who died in an automobile accident on a mad dash to the hospital. Scorpions turn out to have an attraction to candle wax, and red leaves were the main ingredient for the ink used in a famous journal kept by an anonymous online writing student.

Or perhaps this is merely idle galumphing and playing bricoleur. That’s fine. So can you connect these?

Olive with pimento


coal slag

cracks in the sidewalk

mismatched socks


Enough of the Funk! How about this:

Clothespin, tweezers, tape, and a rubber band.

The Secret Life of Plants

Pick three:

Potting soil that moves

The pot leaked all over the parquet floor

An agave cactus four feet tall

Yellow leaves, hot pink leaves

Icicles on the daffodils

Tulip/lily showdown

That little man with the clippers


Did Someone Say Galumphing?

You have three characters: 

Rico, the owner of a pizza parlor who wants everyone to think he’s involved with organized crime.

Bertha, a girl who was always picked last for volleyball in high school and is now running a second-hand clothing store.

Athelstane, a granite statue in the park who has consciousness.


Possible Plot Points: 

–The ants in the park are planning an uprising.

–Athelstane has no idea what pizza is.

–There is a two carat diamond in the pocket of one of Bertha’s second hand dresses.

–The tomato crop failed this year.

–Rico’s neighborhood is changing, and everyone now wants jalapenos, chorizo, and tomatillos on their pizza.

–The pages is too small to hold these guys, and Athelstane is planning an escape, but he needs help.

–Hey, whatever you want!!

Some Galumphing for You in Honor of the Thirty-Seven I Read Tonight

Bollywood dancers in scorpion outfits
Tiaras decorated with gravel
Square dancing to violin music.
John and Martha fighting it out with umbrellas