Index Poetry

It’s been some years since we’ve done index poetry, and I have to confess that it’s actually Table of Contents poetry.  Last time we used Annie Dillard’s Table of Contents to The Writing Life, and the results you all shared were quite invigorating.

I will take the first word of each chapter listed in the Table of Contents of Brenda Ueland’s wonderful book, If you Want to Write.  Your task is to rearrange these words into a poem that makes sense to you.  You can add up to five of your own words, but not more.  With punctuation, anything goes.  Here you go!




















11 responses to “Index Poetry

  1. DebraAnnFarinaRainear

    Everybody, keep using imagination.
    Know why?
    That third dimension, mind,
    has microscopic, art infection.
    Careless people face tigers
    women sooner know roar.
    Dreaming works!

  2. Wow! Love that third dimension and the microscopic art infection. You’re on a roll!

  3. Lawrence A Kosowan

    Art thou tigers, using careless imagination?
    Sooner all people; women, (everybody,) know;
    Why keep third dimension, smiley face works,
    And know microscopic cultural infection?

  4. A cautionary tale! Good addition of “smiley.” No more microscopic infection!

    • Lawrence Arthur

      lol. Hard row to hoe.

      • Lawrence A Kosowan

        First I put each word in a column according to type; verb, noun, etc. I noted different meanings, as with, “art,” “face,” and “works.” Then I looked for connections.

  5. I know
    careless people
    sooner lie
    and everybody
    triumphs … why?
    Women keep
    third dimension
    Tigers using
    face infection
    Microscopic art
    works imagination
    I know

  6. I like the beginning and ending that are the same. It gives us a lot to think about.

  7. cranberrylodge

    Face tigers sooner, careless people.
    Women keep using imagination infection.
    Third dimension micriscopic art
    Reveals to everybody
    Why this works.
    Tigers know.

  8. Great job creating meaning out of random words. Loved that tigers know. Somehow it feels like they always do.

  9. Maureen E Keith

    Face Dimension

    Microscopic imagination.
    Careless art.
    Keep using people.

    If everybody works
    It kills infection sooner.

    Third world women know
    Tigers know

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