One Tiny Window

The one tiny window was glued shut with many gummy layers of paint.  It had never been opened as far as Ramon knew.  Problem was, it was the only way out of the silo workshop now that the ladders to the loft space had been sabotaged.  He was getting hungry.  And thirsty.  Twelve year old single malt scotch was not going to be good for dehydration.

3 responses to “One Tiny Window

  1. Many hours had passed since Ramon had heard any sign of life outside the silo, therefore his hopes of being rescued continued to dwindle. Although the occasional swig of the malt scotch did manage to keep his thirst somewhat at bay, the medicinal properties of the elixir were failing in light of the challenge. His thoughts turned to all the dastardly deeds he had committed in his ill spent youth; the women he chased, the card games where he was less than honest, and the many times that he broke his sainted mother’s heart. If he only had a chance at redemption, Ramon knew he could make something of his pointless life.

    A loud scraping and pecking noise at the tiny window jarred Ramon from his deep sleep. Could it be possible? Had someone discovered that he was trapped inside and was coming to his rescue? Who on earth could this lifesaver be? Ramon climbed on a box under the tiny window and saw the outline of two men, who were working to open the portal.

    They worked on the stubborn paint and crusty sashes for almost an hour until finally it opened. Ramon was overjoyed at their presence and the prospect of being set free until he heard their greeting.

    “Hi my name is John and this is my brother James. We are from the Church of Jesus Christ of The Latter Day Saints and we want to know if you have been saved? Can we come in and talk to you awhile?”

  2. very funny, peanutberanski.:))

  3. Saved at last! Looks like you’re still in good form, Peanut. I’m glad to hear it. Always good to read your stuff.

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