What’s New?

well, I revised my site, and that’s new.  But more importantly, my daffodils are new, my latest trip over a throw rug is new (lovely new knee bruise), the smell in my compost collection can is new, and the appearance of the sandhill cranes is new.  What’s new with you?

11 responses to “What’s New?

  1. 10 mg of Sucralfate 3 times a day 🙂

    • The annoying side effects of the big numbers. Where is the pause button, or better yet, rewind, when you need it?

      • “What’s new, pussycat?” grated with increasing ferocity each time Bob said it.

        Why the hell did I mention that I thought he looked a bit like Tom Jones? And why did he take my comment as a compliment? More correctly, I should have said,”…like a thinning haired, paunchy stomached caricature of him.” I wanted to blame Turner Movie Classics for airing the damn movie, nearly as badly as I wanted to blame myself for agreeing to watch it.

        The next day, when I opened my front door, Bob greeted me wearing an open-collar shirt and gold chain around his neck. “What’s new, pussycat?” I realized that I was dating a man caught in a mental time warp. Was it too late for me to cancel our afternoon plans without hurting his feelings? When we walked to his car he somewhat hummed and sang that damn song, more for his enjoyment, and certainly not mine. I don’t think I’ve heard it rendered in B-flat before. We drove to the park and I avoided holding his hand as we walked together.

        My god, he was wearing shiny black pointed-toe half-boots with two-inch heels. And he was still humming that damn song. My mind raced, trying to think of a song that would be equally irritating to him. I settled on “You Picked a Fine Time to Leave Me Lucile.” He hated country. Our voices rose in in fervor and pitch until passers-by began pointing at us and snickering.

        “Sorry, “Tom,” I’ve got a hell of a migraine. Please take me home.”

        We drove in blessed silence. In my driveway, I opened the car door as soon as he put it in park and bolted for my front door. I had no desire to find out if he had developed his version of a passionate “Tom Jones” kiss. As my key unlocked my door I heard him holler, “I’ll call you later, pussycat.”

        I didn’t answer my phone or the door for three days. But I did make one call.

        . . .

        On the fourth day I invited “Tom” over. He was elated. He jabbed the doorbell repeatedly. I finally opened the door. My jaw dropped open. He was wearing high-waisted disco pants and a frilly-cuffed white shirt. His hair was dyed black and combed back in waves. A perm! He held his arms out in an unspoken, “ta-da, look at me,” stance. I couldn’t contain my smile. I was so excited I could have peed myself right there. I waited for him to speak.

        “What’s new, pussycat?”

        “Well Roger,” I said in a matter-of-fact tone. “This is.”

        Roger’s eyes swept past me to six feet, two inches of man, wearing bun-fitting Wranglers, matching ostrich western boots and belt, a silver and gold rodeo buckle that was bigger than my open hand.

        “Howdy, Roger I’m Clayton.”

        . . .

      • Please ignore “Roger” in the story, Should be “Bob”

    • “Sucralfate” – Worry over too many words? 🙂

  2. Typical Day In My Life

    I talk to my friend Becky at least once per day, just to check in. Our conversation usually goes something like this…..

    Me: Hi Beck, what are you doing today?

    Beck: Not much, really, I did three loads of laundry while mopping my kitchen floor and preparing my Sunday School lesson, Then I raked my front and back yards and collected 4 bags of yard waste. Then I mowed the lawn…..once North and South and once East and West. Rotated my tires, changed the oil in my car. Then I took Chanlie for a walk and while we were walking, I came upon a neighbor who had collapsed on the sidewalk, Called 911 while administering CPR thus saving her life. How about you? What did you do today?

    Me: I changed the laces in my shoes.

    And there is the difference between a MULTI TASKER (Becky) and a

    I have an amazing capacity to avoid chores and to ignore responsibility for several different things at the same time. My motto has long been, “Always put off to tomorrow what you put off last week. Take your time, you don’t want to jump into something on a moments notice.

    When I had an office job, I would stack my desk full of files that needed to be dealt with……

    One pile was marked…Important, do ASAP,
    Then there was the URGENT pile,
    followed by the Critically Urgent/ Requires Immediate Attention,and I’m not kidding this time pile
    And finally the Apocalypse Pile….if not dealt with immediately, life on earth will end as we know it.

    I suppose we should respect the Multi Taskers of the world, but the Procrastinators will live longer because we will continually postpone our date of death !!

  3. Sandra Degrow (Sandrella)

    Today is a new day. A breeze is blowing and the sun is shining. Today would be a great day to visit my mother and finally start some seeds. Yes, I’m a procrastinator too.

  4. The Brown Family discovers the ALL-NEW 1953 Bargemobile “Pike-Liner”

    Mr. Brown knows that the single most important thing in buying an automobile is performance, comfort, and safety. That’s why he has decided to take the entire family to visit their friendly Bargemobile dealer to learn more about the all-new 1953 Pike-Liner and other fine Bargemobile models. Let’s follow the Brown family as they discover what new and exciting features Bargemobile has built into their 1953 lineup.

    First, Mr. Brown asks about performance. Here are just a few of the performance features he finds in the completely redesigned Pike-Liner sedan.

    – Fade-A-Way all drum breaking system. Your Bargemobile will never stop with a “jerk.” Once again, Bargemobile leads the pack with the longest stopping distance in the industry. Standard equipment on all Pike-Liner and Super Pike-Liner models.
    – Liqui-Torq drive. Similar in concept to the way atomic submarines work, the flow of engine coolant is routed to a turbine connected to the wheels. 100% more efficient than cars that waste coolant energy. Works when the engine is hot. Proven effective by Major Testing Laboratory (MTL).
    – Available Spark-O-Tune radio. Uses 25% fewer tubes than similar radios, improving reliability while canceling most ignition noise. The Atomic Power Wave antenna (a Bargemobile exclusive) captures even the closest stations, while an all-new three-inch loudspeaker reproduces simulated life-like tones.

    Mr. Brown can certainly see how the new 1953 Pike-Liner leads the way in performance, but what about comfort? Once again, he is pleasantly surprised by the advanced design found in the new Bargemobiles.

    Here are just a few of the new comfort and convenience features available in the 1953 Bargemobile lineup.

    – 25% more trunk space than next year
    – Three notch adjustable front seat with memory feature.
    – “Butt-Bowl” ashtray. The largest we’ve ever offered. Never needed emptying in independent tests.
    – “Auto-Gas” cigarette lighter. Uses the same fuel as the engine to light cigarettes and cigars.
    – Owner’s manual with convenient blank pages. Use for recording notes and errata.
    – Door locks now available on *all* doors (New for 1953)
    – Interior instrument panel. No more getting out to check speed.

    Mr. Brown can hardly believe the luxury and performance designed in to the exciting new 1953 Bargemobile line. Yet, he wisely thinks about the “Little Missus,” Butch, and two-year-old Midge. “What about safety,” he asks his friendly and knowledgeable Bargemobile dealer.

    Safety indeed! While others may talk about safety, Bargemobile considers it. Take, for example, the new Pike-Liner Safe-T Dash, made of the same heavy gauge steel as the front and rear bumpers. Like your bumper, in the event of a head-on collision, our new Safe-T Dash prevents damage to critical components and expensive optional equipment such as the car radio, interior instrument panel, and Auto-Gas lighter. The new Safe-T Dash is richly enameled and cleans up easily with mild soap and water.

    So, what a day it’s been for the Browns. They’ve learned all about the outstanding features found in the all-new 1953 Bargemobile line of fine automobiles. Mr. Brown also discovered that, with his good credit and just a few dollars a day, the Bargemobile Acceptance Corporation can make it easy to be the proud owner of one of these fine machines. Isn’t it time you and your family visit your local Bargemobile dealer? Like Mr. Brown, you’ll be glad you did.

    Copyright (C) 1953 – The Bargemobile Motor Company

  5. Hey, drum brakes are better than no brakes at all. That was great!

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