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Time Travel


Third Annual ALWAYCT Writing Festival Has Arrived!

Welcome friends and writers!  Now is the time to challenge yourself to write something that you want to share and get careful feedback on.

For our Third Annual ALWAYCT Festival there will be two rules:

~Limit your piece to 1000 words or less.

~If you submit, you pledge to share careful feedback on all the other submissions from your fellow writers.  Your feedback should be more than, “I liked it!”  Share suggestions for improvements and mention specific things that you thought were done well.  We all want to learn.

The rest is up to you.  Select your own format and topic.  Fiction, creative nonfiction, essays, poetry–you pick!  Can it be an excerpt from a longer piece?  Sure; just let us know that.

Time frame?  It’s open ended, but remember that I tend to post new challenges fairly frequently, so older ones start to drift off into the nether regions of this blog.  Post soon!

Am I going to comment on your submissions?  I will if I decide to post something of my own.

I look forward to reading your work.  Blast the page!

One More Crummy Poem: Please Add Yours!

Supper’s on the table
With sour cream and chives.
One more day of waiting
To see if I survive.

All the pieces are in place
I even bought dessert;
Everyone is happy,
And I am going berserk.

I might sleep beneath a tree tonight,
Stay up until the dawn.
Something’s got to tear loose soon,
Or I am going down.

Forget the happy endings.
I ride the universe.
My hangnails all have offspring.
A thin shell over nerves.

So I conjure, and I write.
This path or that, I try,
Shove made up folks down fancied roads
Where I feel more sane and sigh.

I’m standing on one shaky leg,
Looking out for any handhold,
All preciously grabbed in gratitude
As I read tales I’ve told.

Mishmash Potato Head Case

Syrup and granite

Second dose of feather pillows

Mr. Grottenmeyer’s ninth period class

That window ledge

(I dare you to turn those into a story.  Double dare.)

Names that Need Characters to go with Them

Who is:

Wheedle Distromb

Offerlo Spitrip

Sister “Sweetie” Beetiara

Doonuts Rebarb

Klobflots Flabos

Herb Explores the Attic

Herbert gave his lower lip a quick bite, ignoring the way his gum scraped against the braces in his mouth. Something was making a rustling noise behind the grungy old trunk with the elaborate clasps that sat in the corner of the attic. Flakes of dust floated in the one shaft of light coming in from the high ventilation window. He had just enough light to see. Now the rustle turned into a bump. Bump! Bump!

This is only a test.

Your participation is encouraged. The results will be used to tabulate statistics about bad interior decorating ideas, spat inducing potential of answers, and tomato spelling acumen of all online test takers, regardless of your answers, with or without your permission. The questions:

  1. Isn’t anyone going to give me a break?
  2. Am I going to have to separate you two?
  3. Who said?

It has been said that writers are good at making things up. Now we’ll find out. Please submit your short essay on the question of your choice.