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My Name is Elizabeth Grandstone Nesbitt

I work a forty-hour week on the assembly line in a factory that makes Weber barbeques. My life is….

The Moon

The moon ate my oatmeal and then spit it out.   I watched from the window, grasping the nearest kitchen utensil.  My eyes burned.

I Walked Down the Long Hall

I walked down the long hall with doors on either side. I wasn’t sure where I was, and the repetition of those doorways made me dizzy. The doors had numbers on them. My palm was bleeding for some reason.

Take Blahness and Make Us Want to Read On

You may remember being asked to rewrite this sentence to make it more vivid and interesting: The leaf was red.

Now your challenge is to rewrite another blah sentence. This time, you are not limited to one sentence.  Anything goes.   (I am still reading variations on Martha and John at the bus stop, so I know the possibilities are endless.)

I’m curious how far you can go to take this very dull sentence and surprise the heck out of us all. Lots of good writers here! Take the challenge.

Aunt Alice ran.

How Many Times?

Life (hopefully) is long.  While we’re here, we do so many things.  It occurred to me that it would be fun to count them, or at least estimate.  Here are how many times I think I’ve:

–Changed my sheets:  2863

–Made meatballs:  136

–Been bitten by mosquitos: 613

–Blinked:  689,472,048

–Eaten sushi:  1

–Changed a tire:  6

–Felt like tearing my hair out while working:  1294

–Laughed even though I was all alone:  33,474

How many times have you done things?

P.S.  Excuse my absence.  These winter months are very busy for online courses.  Even so, I keep having ideas, so I hope you’ll try one more. –Ann

The Secret Life of Plants

Pick three:

Potting soil that moves

The pot leaked all over the parquet floor

An agave cactus four feet tall

Yellow leaves, hot pink leaves

Icicles on the daffodils

Tulip/lily showdown

That little man with the clippers


I Have to Wonder What Happens Next

A day of meditation had not calmed his feelings, nor provided an answer to the questions he’d carried with him since he’d had his vision in the mountains.